When you are choosing diaper bags, look for features like roomy interiors, exterior pockets and sturdy construction. Diaper bags should have plenty of room for carrying baby essentials like baby diapers, baby wipes and blankets. Zippered exterior pockets are very helpful for holding your phone, wallet and keys. 

All my muscles were sore this morning, which means I had a good workout! I started the Neutrogena 14Day Skin Rescue yesterday. The cleanser smells great! I'm looking forward to seeing the results! It was another busy day. Camp this morning, shopping for the house and then the oil company was here installing all our equipment for the year. 

I put the covers and liners in the dryer on low and the covers were dry in about ten minutes. The liners took a bit longer on high after I removed the covers, but not too long. I stuffed them and put them back on the changing table and the whole thing was done and ready for the next day.. 

To assume that changing the diaper of you baby in public is alright because  well, he is just a baby  is very wrong. Maybe with you and your family it is perfectly okay even if you change baby cloth diapers on top of your dining table. But just think of how other people will react when they see you thoughtlessly doing the diaper change inches away from them. 

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In the very newborn days you'll be up frequently in the night anyway and just give the nappy a quick check then. After that you'll soon learn how long the nappy lasts before leaking and how often your baby poos. Definitely no need to set an alarm and check. We usually forget what it means to sleep overnight when the cute newborn comes to our lives. The days are also not very easy and we want to sleep well at night. Sometimes babies sleep overnight, but sometimes our nights are sleepless. 

You have survived 9 months of pregnancy, have made it through the excitement and pain of labor and are now heading towards home to start a new life with your baby. Only breast feed: Doctors only recommend breast feeding as it helps in boosting the baby's immunity system and strengthens their growing muscles and bones. It also helps in the normal growth of the brains and organs. 

This week I had the opportunity to get my baby huff on. A friend had a baby a few weeks ago and she let me come over to sniff and stare at her baby and then this weekend, I went to not one, but two baby showers. At one baby shower I stalked a lady and her baby because he reminded me of Gomer.

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