My big one is about the same capacity as the one you linked to, although it doesn look as beg because it is very boxy it actually my old book bag from diaper insert university! I purchased three purpose specific diaper bags before I went to using my book bag, all three burst at the seams!

In my big bag I carry six to eight diapers, a change mat, wet bag and wipes (I use cloth), a complete spare set of clothes for Alex, a spare shirt for me and my trolley cover as well as the mum essentials of wallet, phone, brush and lippy. On the days I use that bag I usually leave the stroller at home and put Alex in my Mei Tei style carrier.

In my small bag I have four to six nappies,buy baby cloth diaper change mat wet bag and wipes and a change of clothes for Alex. Days I use that I usually have pockets where I stash the mum stuff!

I dont think its too big, mines a big bigger actually.

You will need spaces for clean diapers (and dirty if you go reusables like me :D ), at least 2 bottles (yes I breastfeed, I carry formula because you never know when you absolutely cant breastfeed, plus its easier in the stores). You should pack at least 1 change of clothes for baby, a bib (droolers helps with messy breastfeeders), a pair of socks, scratch mittens, little hat, maybe an extra top for you (oh yeah Ive ended up browing a few from my mom thanks to my sons vomiting haha). I carry 2 soothers, a small container of formula (like a kids thermas size), 2 pairs of disposable bra pads + 1 reusable, container of wipes, changing pad (I never put baby directly of store changing tables or you never know those super huge liquid poohs!), I have a spot for sun glasses for me and baby, burp clothes, a small blanket, keys, cell, a small bottle of gripe water vitamin D drops (yeah I always on the go), and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. oh an a grocery bag (if you need to change clothes you dont want vomit covered stuff directly in your bag). It a great gift for first time moms, it has coupons too, and a foldup diaper change mat that fits in the bag. I did it when I had my first. Its good.

And your diaper bag can be too big. You need diapers, powder, Vaseline, lotion, at least 2 sets of spare clothes, milk bottles and formula (unless you breastfeed)  believe me it all takes up space, and your bag soon fills up.

The one you linked to seems a bit pricey to me, and doesn look washable. You need it to be washable.

(1) You don need to buy something marketed as a bag  buy whatever tote you like

(2) Depends on what sort of mother you will be. If you are very nervous, sure, leave the house once a month and only with a raft of junk; alternately, stick a spare diaper in the bottom of a regular purse and go. Unless bottlefeeding I cannot imagine what sort of useless nonsense gets hauled around in the bigger bags for one infant. Note that you may have real needs for various whatnots with a toddler; you may wish to hold off on sizing up your purse until the age of wanting snacks and small toys arrives.

You don need "powder, Vaseline, lotion, at least 2 sets of spare clothes," and I feel sorry for the baby who requires "infants tylenol, gas drops, nasal drops" at all times. Keep an old sleeper in your car trunk and forget about it, and in the unlikely event of Newborn Baby Cloth Diapers a sudden emergency requiring Tylenol, find a drugstore.

I have 2 different diaper bags. I have a huge one, that is the size of a small duffel bag. and a smaller one that I got at the hospital.

I use the small one for short trips away from home if I only plan to be out 34 hours at most.

The bigger bag gets used when I plan to be away most of the day.

We used the bigger bag more when my baby was younger too. we just needed to carry more things with us for her. such as bottles, formula, blankies, burp clothes, etc Now that she becoming a toddler, she doesnt need as much "supplies" to go out.

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