I'm waiting for membership acceptance into the gdiaper Yahoo group, and hopefully I can get some help there, but thought I'd check here, too. We've invested about $130 into gDiapers already, and the thought of spending even more on another whole "system" makes me buy cloth diapers ick! We have used both the gDiaper cloth inserts the biodegradable inserts, and both seem to have leaking issues. My daughter is approximately 3.5 weeks old, and weighs around 910 pounds. 

but what about those annoying adults who incessantly talk when all you want to do is sleep? Or those obnoxious drunk frat boys? Or the passenger who smells like they've never met a bar of soap or a stick of deodorant? Or the lady sitting behind who put her BARE foot on your armrest?  yep that has happened. We all pay the same to be on public transportation and we all have to deal with varying degrees of annoyances. It's in babies' nature to cry . 

It makes kind of a cakey covering over the rash. At changing time, don try to diaper insert  ipe it off with wipes or wash cloth  there is an awsome product that you can get at Rite Aide or Sav On drugstores called "Domboro". You put it in a small tub or sink with warm water and let your baby sit it in as long as possible. 

Your saving depends upon the way you use cloth diapers. Your personal effort matters a lot to save your money when you wish to save your money by using cloth diapers. After discussing with several parents who use smartipants cloth diapers, it is found that they save around $3,000 on diapers alone.. 

Remember, the more organized your nappy bag is, the more easily you can access its contents. Also, be aware of the ways in which items should be stored inside the bag. It is easy for soiled articles to contaminate clean articles and food. a kitten or a puppy or a cub in diapers, to an adult baby that wants to be a baby and seeks no less then the comfort, security and parental love of being a baby or a diaper lover, that is only sexualy attracted to the diaper itself and not the person or thing wearing it, a diaper lover would be just as attracted to a manikin in a diaper as a picture of a diaper as 78 year old in a diaper, as a incontinent dog in a diaper as a toddler in a diaper because it is not the person or object that wears the diaper that sexualy stimulates them but the diaper itself. Many people find this confusing and often mistake a diaper lover, repetidly looking at the pictures on packs of diapers in the diaper isle in a super market, for a pedophile. It is common practice for DL's to walk up baby diapers nd down the diaper isle in super markets looking at the pictures on the packs of diapers, they are not looking at the toddlers or babies in those pictures, they are looking at the diapers, probibly wishing they still fit in to them, ocashionly a dl might actualy buy a pack of the larger size diapers from the diaper isle but they arnt going to do anything sexual with them in the store or in there car until they get home.

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